Why Gray Wolf Partners?

We named the firm Gray Wolf Partners because we have a personal connection with wolves

"Wolves embody principles that we believe are important in work and in life. "

These include loyalty, curiosity, tenacity, team work and a sense of play. We strive to bring these traits to our relationships and our work.

A wolf pack supports its members, making the most of each individual's contributions to achieve a better result. We believe in working together, with each other and our clients, to solve problems that effect an organization's survival. And, like wolves, we believe in having fun doing it.

As a member of our pack, we promise to be loyal to you, curious about the problems you face, tenacious in trying to solve those problems, and part of a team that shares the load and enhances success when we work with you.

We admire the wolf's natural beauty, grace and tenacity in the face of threats to its habitat and survival as a species. We root for the underdog and are happy to see this one beginning to fight its way back.